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  1. SoloZone TODO: -Need to add button Respawn to respawn the character inside solozone instead of the button to village. -Button to village should return the character in Giran Castle town. -While Solo Zone is closed don't allow players to teleport in this place. (Add message: SoloZone is currently closed.) At the moment players can teleport at this spot but they are being teleported back in giran when solozone is closed. It would be better if they couldn't teleport at all. -Add AIO Restriction to teleport in SoloZone like RandomZone. -Restricted Classes should not teleport at solozone at all. -if someone gets DC in solozone or critical error the name anonymous remains on characters for ever. Olympiad system: -If characters join oly with items +20 and the max enchant by config is set to +6, all items of character are being enchanted to +6 automatically. While match is over the enchant remains to +6. This action should be removed. If a character has equipped enchanted item over the config enchant value simply should unequip the item and not change the enchant value.
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